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Supply Chain Management


At Prince Manufacturing, we’re proud of our reputation as the contract manufacturing industry's most trusted manufacturing process and complete supply chain management outsource.

Making Prince the obvious choice for our Customers in our Served Markets, by offering a Superior Value Proposition which includes World Class Value, Logistics, and Quality.

To create value for our customers, our shareholders and our employees.

Prince Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing solution provider focused on eliminating waste in your value stream by providing fabrication, forming, finishing, and assembly of metal and composite products. We're constantly adding Capabilities and Processes - including Contract Assembly, Design, Fabrication, Sheet Metal Forming, Powder Coating, Liquid Coating, eCoating, CARC, Metal Stamping, Sequencing, and Shipping Logistics, for example - at all of our locations we've brought a world-class leadership team on board to ensure that we deliver the quality you can count on from a dependable partner.

We know how critical it is to reduce waste. That’s why we champion the principles of lean management and lean manufacturing in all phases of the manufacturing process, from design to deliverey. As a result, you have the flexibility to concentrate on your core competencies and respond quickly and agilely to an evolving market. Best of all, you eliminate costly waste, speed up your production and time to market, reduce costs, and eliminate risk.

We also understand that no two situations are alike. Whether you come to us for a “one time” single process, a Shelter to expand into Mexico, or a long-term strategic outsource partnership, our team is responsible for ensuring that your product is delivered within budget and on time. Our highly flexible automated capabilities allow Prince Manufacturing to produce any sized volumes to meet your unique metals manufacturing requirements.

Prince Manufacturing has developed key long-term relationships with suppliers and multi-million dollar backing to ensure stable and long-term success with a zero tolerance for time and asset waste. All stages of production are completed in one of our locations, so we maintain control to ensure that we meet stringent quality specifications.

Learn more about our company history and our leadership team.

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