Shipping Logistics Metal Finishing: Powder Coating, Liquid Coating, CARC, E-Coating


Your Product Arrives Safely and Undamaged

At Prince Manufacturing, we know that the potential to reduce costs and eliminate waste doesn’t end when the manufacturing process is complete. Our lean management expertise in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and other waste-elimination tools can keep working for you.

Once your product is manufactured, we can help you with shipping logistics, planning carefully to reduce freight and other costs, while ensuring that your materials arrive where they’re needed, when they’re needed. This helps you achieve significant cost reduction in freight and inventory.

Quality doesn’t end with the manufacturing process. We ensure that your product arrives safely and undamaged. Shipping logistics involves a lot more than simply getting your product from point A to point B. It involves doing so in the most efficient manner possible.

A number of different options are available. We can work with you to develop a program that’s best for your requirements.

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