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Contract Assembly
You need trouble-free production, with individual components meshing together precisely as planned. You aim to bring the complexity of your processes down to manageable levels, focusing on core capabilities while keeping costs to a minimum, reducing waste, and increasing flexibility. We’re here to help.

Prince Manufacturing adds value to the supply chain by assembling metal fabricated parts and more. Our experience, knowledge, facilities, and capabilities allow us to assemble a variety of products and components, including circuit breaker assemblies, battery chargers, and power steering pumps, for example.

The benefits to our customers fall into three key strategic categories: cost, quality, and delivery.

  • We reduce costs and add value by reducing steps in the supply chain and by eliminating waste and extra handling of contract manufactured parts. We have also located our facilities strategically to have access to lower-cost labor options.
  • We improve quality through a simple formula: the more often you touch a part, the higher the likelihood of error or default. The less you touch a part, the higher the quality.
  • Finally, we reduce the costs and waste associated with delivery by assembling manufactured pieces into a complete component or even an assembled product, depending upon the customer’s strategic needs. In short, we deliver one component, instead of between ten and a thousand.

At Prince Manufacturing, we know that while the process begins with fabrication, forming, stamping, and coating, it doesn't end there. We have the facilities and the expertise to see the job through to the end—assembling parts into a component or a complete product.

Through our Contract Assembly expertise and strategic regional locations, we decrease the costs associated with delivery and inventory while, more importantly, ensuring significantly higher quality by eliminating steps and chances for error and reducing costs and waste in the supply chain.

For more information about our capabilities in Assembly as a contract manufacturer strategic outsource, please contact us today.

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