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Our Company History

Since it's founding, Prince Manufacturing's goal has been to create a successful supplier in locations around the world. Prince Manufacturing continues to build on its tradition of ethics, corporate citizenship, value creation, and uncompromising quality to rewrite the way contract manufacturing is done. We continue to add new capabilities to ensure that we can be your single source contract manufacturing solution provider with complete solutions for processes throughout the supply chain, all under one corporate roof.

We've always believed that success in the business world means going above and beyond for our customers, our stakeholders, and our employees - even when that means adding new capabilities or facilities. Today, we still remember that good enough is never good enough. That's why we remain committed to excellence and strive to go farther, be better, and do more. We protect jobs, honor the environment, and value, and reduce costs. We do more than make products. We provide solutions.

Prince Manufacturing continues to expand into new manufacturing regions to support customers, both by growing organically and by making key strategic acquisitions. More importantly, the company continues to add new capacities. We have been creative in solving our customers' problems, with other alliances like joint ventures, joint alliances, partnerships, and more.

Prince Manufacturing Corporation will continue to expand in the United States, Mexico, and globally to ensure that we can meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and remain the best strategic contract manufacturer in the industry.

Read more about Our locations, Our Capabilities,Our Processes - including Contract Assembly, Design, Fabrication, Sheet Metal Forming, Powder Coating, Liquid Coating, eCoating, CARC, Metal Stamping, Sequencing, and Shipping Logistics - and Our Leadership Team.

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