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Liquid Paint Finishing

At Prince Manufacturing, Of course, there are always circumstances where Liquid Paint Finishing is simply a better application for specific needs—for example, when your process requires faster color changes or when a wider variety of color shades are required.

Another big advantage of liquid coating is its lower cure temperatures. Virtually all other organic coatings require higher temperatures to cure. Some benefits of using Prince Manufacturing for your Liquid Coating needs include:

  • Our process controls and preventive maintenance programs ensure the highest quality liquid coating for your finished products.
  • We can handle most color and texture requirements.
  • We are experts at precision masking and detailing services.
  • Our system allows us to perform quick color changes, resulting in lower cost and higher throughput.

Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise to apply a quality surface finish.

With Liquid Coating, flexibility is the key. But at Prince Manufacturing, we believe that quality is equally important. We share your commitment, and we never make compromises when your reputation is on the line—whether you come to us for liquid coating, or for coating solutions that are a part of a complete outsourced contract manufacturing process.

Prince Manufacturing has the equipment, the logistics, and the expertise to create the most appropriate solution for you.

For more information about coating solutions, contact us today.

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