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Processes: Powder Coating

Powder coating, finishing metallic surfaces by applying dry powders that form continuous and integrated coatings, is often a viable and cost-effective commercial alternative to conventional industrial liquid paints.

Some of the more obvious advantages of using Prince Manufacturing’s powder coating techniques include:

  • Powders do not have to be mixed with any solvents or catalysts, reducing cycle time.
  • No costly wastage of solvent.
  • Environmental cleanliness—there is no costly wastage of solvents which can constitute up to 70 percent of conventional liquid paints.
  • No air pollution—over-sprayed powder is recoverable, so no powder escapes into the atmosphere.
  • Considerable improvements have also been made in reducing the heavy metal content of powders, in particular lead.
  • Processing time is reduced.
  • Energy requirements are lower, further reducing costs.
  • Superior film properties—in general, superior film properties such as adhesion and corrosion resistance are obtained with powders.
  • 95 percent of materials are used, reducing waste costs.
  • Controlled film thickness —a controlled more uniform and, if required, a higher film thickness can be obtained with powders.
  • A wide range of coatings is available.

Whatever your coating requirements, Prince Manufacturing can meet them—even if they are part of a more complex contract manufacturing process. For more information about coating solutions, contact us today.

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