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Prince Manufacturing offers Sequencing and Sequencing expertise to help our clients determine the best and most efficient production process through JIT (Just in Time) shipments and JIT in Sequence products, thus allowing manufacturers to optimize production, eliminating waste in the process to reduce cycle time and costs—while keeping inventory and warehouse space under control.

Put another way, our Sequencing service provides the product to your organization in the order (the “sequence”) in which you need it. For example, mounted wheels for a vehicle are delivered for each vehicle or each side of the vehicle or each corner of the vehicle in the order required for maximum productivity and minimal waste.

We know that your production process is unique, and your challenges are different. Nonetheless, our experience, expertise, and capabilities as a contract manufacturing partner can help your company achieve the measurable, bottom line results you’re counting on in an increasingly competitive environment.

To put our Sequencing capabilities to work for your company, contact Prince Manufacturing today.

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