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Lean Management Lean Contract Manufacturing Solution

Lean Manufacturing: A Strategy for Agility, Competitiveness, and Quality

At Prince, our mission is to help our clients embrace the principles of Lean Management in Manufacturing – Lean Manufacturing.

A Lean Manufacturing enterprise is one that continuously and aggressively seeks to eliminate process waste of all kinds to improve customer satisfaction and shareholder return. More specifically, Lean Manufacturing is a production practice that seeks to reduce or eliminate waste of resources for any goal other than the direct creation of value. A lean enterprise focuses on total expense and value rather single component cost for greater total saving.

More than ever before, agility is key to success. Regardless of what we think the customers’ expectations are, we can safely assume they change constantly and become tougher and tougher. The companies that thrive are the ones who can adapt swiftly and effectively to meet evolving needs. Lean Management is a proven philosophy that makes that kind of agility possible.

Prince Manufacturing partners with our clients to help them become more agile and move products and components quickly through their value chains, from supply and manufacture to assembly and distribution. As a result, they achieve significantly higher ROI and better adapt to serve their customers as demand evolves. For more information, please see our Success Stories.

Under the Lean Management philosophy for manufacturing, the faster parts, products, information, and decisions can flow through an organization, the faster it can respond to customer needs and orders. The Lean Manufacturing management strategy is designed to achieve the shortest possible cycle time by increasing efficiencies. The key goal is to increase value-added work and reduce incidental, or non-core, work.

The mission is simple: to decrease the time between a customer order and shipment, to eliminate waste and reduce costs, and to dramatically improve profitability, agility, quality and customer satisfaction.

Lean Management is an ongoing process of continual improvement. As your partner, we are dedicated to the continuous reduction of waste in your supply chain, allowing you to focus on your core competencies, and to improve quality, an economy of scale, and agility constantly.

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