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Prince Manufacturing wins major Conservation Award

Environmentally-friendly water reclamation investment acknowledged by Municipal Authority

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, MEXICO (August 1, 2009) Prince Manufacturing is proud to announce that its commitment to industry-leading environmental standards has been acknowledged with a prestigious award given my the Municipal Water Authority in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

The award, given in recognition of superior efforts to reduce water usage and contamination, was given after Prince Manufacturing made a major investment to introduce an innovative new procedure that saves more than 200 cubic meters of water per month, and more than 2400 cubic meters annually.

“Our facility in Juárez is largely dedicated to metal stamping, assembly, and coating of various products and components that we create for our clients as a strategic contract manufacturing outsource,” according to Dean Marsman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Prince Manufacturing. “With a plant of this size and scope, we have three paint lines operating.”

In a paint line, manufactured components are hung on conveyors and passed through a washing system before being painted or coated. In all, there are between five and nine steps in the painting and coating process, all of which use significant amounts of water.

“I think people would be extremely surprised to realize just how much water is used,” Aurelio Acosta, Prince Manufacturing General Manager, Southwest and Latin America, said. “There are many different steps and procedures, each of which require a great deal of water. If we can reduce that, we’re doing something truly important.

“We made the commitment to invest in equipment that allows us to treat the water and reuse it, rather that releasing it back into the environment,” Acosta said. “So we accomplished two goals. First, we dramatically reduced water intake. Second, the new system relieves the municipal water system of the problems associated with removing contaminants from water released back into the sewage system. We’ve eliminated that issue.

“It was a difficult thing to accomplish, certainly, but if we’re going to look ahead and think about conserving resources for the future, we felt that this was too important not to do,” Acosta said.

 “At Prince Manufacturing we’re committed to good, forward-looking corporate citizenship,” Marsman added. “We are extremely proud to have our efforts recognized with this prestigious award.”

About Prince Manufacturing:

Prince Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing solution provider focused on eliminating waste in its customers’ value streams by providing fabrication, forming, finishing, and assembly of metal and composite products.

Whether clients are looking for a source for a single step in the production process, such as E-Coating or Metal Stamping, or a seamless complete process strategic outsource for a product or component, Prince Manufacturing is a “one stop shop” that helps reduce costs and eliminate risks in an entire supply chain.

With locations throughout the United States and in Mexico, Prince Manufacturing is committed to being the metal and composite materials industry’s most trusted strategic outsource partner.

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