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Outsourcing to Mexico : Shelter Manufacturing
Changing economic times always bring new opportunities. For companies looking to begin outsourcing to Mexico, Prince Manufacturing can act as more than a Shelter - we are committed to becoming your trusted partner.

Traditional Shelter Manufacturing companies offer their clients a corporate umbrella in Mexico so that they can expand their manufacturing without having to worry about policies and regulations compliance, government reports, human resources, customs, basic administrative services, and more. Prince Manufacturing is certainly well positioned to offer those services. With our extensive presence in Mexico and throughout North America, we have the relationships, knowledge, and expertise to make your transition as seamless-and painless - as possible.

But Prince Manufacturing is positioned to offer much more than a traditional Shelter Manufacturer.

Unlike traditional Shelters, Prince has made - and continues to make - extensive investment in Mexico, including equipment, facilitaties, logistics, shipping management, and more. In short, we're positioned to operate from day one as your complete strategic outsource manufacturing partner in Mexico, for a single part or component, a process, or for a complete product, from design to assembly to delivery. In short, as your strategic outsource partner, we make all of our Capabilities and Processes available in Mexico as well as the United States.

With Prince as a partner, companies can take advantage of our extensive investment in facilities, equipment, relationships, and expertise we have made and continue to make in Mexico. We continue to add new facilities and services throughout North America to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.

We're more than a Shelter Manufacturer, and more than just a corporate umbrella to cut through the red tape. We help you maintain quality, control costs, and improve efficiencies, no matter where your products are manufactured. Because of our investment, we have a strong incentive to see you succeed. At Prince, we believe that's what Partnership is all about.

See how Prince Manufacturing helped a major tools manufacturer reduce costs and achieve greater efficiency, without losing capabilities, while focusing on their core competencies.

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