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Prince Manufacturing Introduces Innovative Water Reclamation Technology

Patented new environmentally-friendly process eliminates waste and contaminants from being released into the water and sewage system

Garrett, Indiana (August 15, 2009) When Prince Manufacturing began the process of opening a new contract manufacturing facility in Garrett, Indiana to meet the growing demands of its customer base, it made a significant investment in environmentally-friendly technology.

“We took a long, hard look at the environmental impact,” according to Steven Pittman, Prince Manufacturing Midwest Region General Manager. That “long, hard look” led to an innovative new process that evaporates water, releasing it harmlessly and cleanly into the atmosphere, rather than releasing chemicals and waste into the water and sewage system.

“Basically, we use a patented process that captures residual heat,” Pittman described. “Waste water is fed slowly into boilers, where it is superheated and evaporated, leaving solid waste material behind in collection trays.” Since the collected waste material is not hazardous, it can be disposed of easily

“Normally, waste water is treated with chemicals and released into the sewage system, where it must be cleaned and reclaimed before it can return back into the environment,” Pittman said. “That is inherently expensive and wasteful. With our new process, that step is eliminated.”

Pittman estimates that the new technology added approximately 10 percent to the costs of opening the new facility. “But frankly speaking,” he said, “being environmentally friendly and a good, solid corporate citizen is a part of our core values. It means something to us to be a good neighbor. Processes like this may add cost in the short term, but the value to the community long term is something we absolutely must consider.

“At Prince Manufacturing, we’re always looking for new ways to be environmentally responsible,” Pittman said. “We believe that the most significant solutions come from simple, old-fashioned innovation. When we start something new, we always roll up our sleeves, look at all the issues, and ask ourselves if there’s a better way to do things. We think that the success of the new process at the facility in Garrett proves that this is the right approach.”

About Prince Manufacturing:

Prince Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing solution provider focused on eliminating waste in its customers’ value streams by providing fabrication, forming, finishing, and assembly of metal and composite products.

Whether clients are looking for a source for a single step in the production process, such as E-Coating or Metal Stamping, or a seamless complete process strategic outsource for a product or component, Prince Manufacturing is a “one stop shop” that helps reduce costs and eliminate risks in an entire supply chain.

With locations throughout the United States and in Mexico, Prince Manufacturing is committed to being the metal and composite materials industry’s most trusted strategic outsource partner.

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