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Strategic Outsourcing : Our Capabilities
At Prince Manufacturing, we are absolutely committed to being the best strategic outsource manufacturing solution provider in the industry. As a contract manufacturer, we see to it that you don’t have to build and manage the production of your product, or of every single component in your product. We do it for you. We help you reduce inventory, compress cycle time, and streamline the value chain.

Whether you come to us for a onetime process or a long-term partnership, we are laser-focused on eliminating waste in the your value stream by providing fabrication, forming, finishing, sequencing, and assembly of metal and composite products. For more information, please see our specific processes.

To become your trusted outsource partner, "we know than quality is critical". We have implemented a stringent quality policy designed specifically to ensure customer satisfaction and to practice continuous improvement through teamwork, both internally and by working with you.

Complete Process Outsource
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Assembly
Prince as a Shelter Manufacturing Partner
Supply Chain Management
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Read more about Our locations, Our Capabilities,Our Processes - including Contract Assembly, Design, Fabrication, Sheet Metal Forming, Powder Coating, Liquid Coating, eCoating, CARC, Metal Stamping, Sequencing, and Shipping Logistics - and Our Leadership Team.



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